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Ridge Ground Chutney/ Peerkankai Chutney


After a  small break i am writing this post,Hereafter surely you all get delicious recipes from my blog to make you all enjoy.I had this ridge ground chutney in  Hyderabad,It is very tasty and spicy.It go well with idly and dosa.All do prepare this chutney and Enjoy....:)

Ingredients: Ridge Ground - 1 Cup(Finely Chopped)Onion - 2(Cut into Square)Urad Dhall - 1 TeaspoonBengal Gram - 1 TeaspoonDry Red Chilly - 6Garlic - 5 PodsOil - 2 TablespoonSalt - To TasteTo Temper: Mustard Seeds - 1/2 TeaspoonUrad Dhall - 1/2 TeaspoonOil - 1 TeaspoonPreparation:

Take a pan,heat oil and add urad dhall andd bengal gram,Stir till it become golden brown.Add Dry Red Chily and onion and saute it.Then add garlic and finely chopped RidgeGround and saute it well till the raw of the ridgeground goes off.Make it cool and grind it with required water.Temper mustard seeds and pour over the grind chutney.It go well with is idly or Dosa.

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