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Mutton Biryani

Basmathi Rice - 1KgMutton - 1KgMutton Stock - 2 CupsOnion - 3(Big Size)Tomato - 2Ginger Garlic Paste - 2 TablespoonGreen Chilly - 3Saunf/Fennel Seeds - 1 TeaspoonCinnamon - 2Cloves - 4Cardamon - 2Mint Leaves - One Hand Full Finely ChoppedCoriander Leaves - One Hand Full Finely ChoppedBadam - 10Curd/Yoghurt - 1 CupLemon Juice - 1 TeaspoonKashmiri Red Chilli Powder - 1 TeaspoonCoriander Powder - 1 TeaspoonTurmeric Powder - 1/4 TeaspoonGhee - 3 TeaspoonOil - 3 TablespoonCashewnut - 1 TeaspoonRaisins - 1 TeaspoonPreparation: Soak Badam for one hour in warm water and grind it as for fine paste.Soak Cinnamon - 1 and Cloves - 2 together in warm water and grind it as paste.Grind Green Chilly into fine paste.Slice onions and tomatoes into vertically thin.Soak Basmathi Rice before you start to cook.Fry One Sliced onion in ghee till golden brown to garnish finally.Fry Cashewnut and raisins in ghee,This is also for garnish.Pressure cook the mutton for two whistles with li…

Mint Chutney

     It is a side dish for Idly.It is also used with Cooked Rice.Mint, is a herb we use regularly in home.It is rich in vitamins and minerals.It is many used for digestion.It is more helpful to Blood Pressure.

INGREDIENTS: Mint Leaves - 1 CupOnion - 1/4 CupDry Red Chilly - 3Urad Dhall - 1/4 TeaspoonBengal Gram - 1/4 TeaspoonGarlic - 5 PodsSalt - As NeededTO TEMPER: Oil - 1 TeaspoonMustard Seeds - 1/4 TeaspoonAsfoetida - One PinchPREPARATION:Take a pan,heat one teaspoon of oil and put Bengal gram,urad dhall and dry red chilly and fry and keep aside.In the same pan,Saute mint leaves and garlic together and make it cool and grind with salt and already fried items.Garnish with Tempered mustard seeds with asafoetida.Serve with Idly,Dosa,Cooked Rice.

Rich Mughal Vegetable Biryani

Mostly everyone like biryani,We do with Chicken or Mutton.Now in Veggies also we all make biryani....Mughal Biryani is very tasty most.Now i am presenting Mughal Biryani in Veg Version.In this you don't need to add tomatoes or any food color to it.So that you get natural veggies color to this Biryani.Own made masala to this makes the Biryani Yummy....I like to use Pepper in most of my foods,In this too pepper i added that makes so much tasty and gives you good aroma...Hope you all enjoy this Mughal Biryani.

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Basmathi Rice Or Jeera rice - 2 CupsOnion - 1 BigPotato - 1Carrot - 1Peas - 1/4 CupCauliflower - 1/4 Cup(Optional)Mint Leaves - Few(Finely Chopped)Coriander - Few(Finely Chopped)Paneer Rose Petals - Few(Light pink color in nature)Rose water - 1 TeaspoonGhee - 1 TablespoonCooking Oil - 2 TablespoonSalt - To TasteWater…