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Multi Grain KuzhiPaniyaram

Hi Friends,

Very Traditional Dish, Kuzhipaniyaram. Mostly we do this dish as sweet using Jaggery. For variation,we do as spicy.For healthy version,I did with Multi grain.Grind it smoothly and use.Enjoy this Multi Grain Kuzhipaniyaram.


GreenGram - 1 CupBrown Channa Dhall - 1 CupBengal Gram - 1/2 CupToor Dhall - 1/4 CupGreen Chilly - 8Ginger - 1 InchGarlic - 10 PodsSalt - As neededCoriander Leaves,Mint Leaves - 1/2 Cup (Finely Chopped)Oil - As NeededPreparation: Soak Greengram,ChannaDhall,Bengal Gram,Toor Dhall for 8 Hours.Wash soaked gram and grind soaked gram with ginger,garlic,green chilly together with salt.Mix finely chopped coriander leaves and mint leaves with grind batter.Heat Kuzhipaniyara pan and put half teaspoon of oil to all holes.The Batter should be in dosa/Idly batter consistency.Pour batter into kuzhipaniyara hole in half amount in that and cover it with and cook.Cook in low flame.After two minutes remove lid and turn it and cook other side till golden brown.Co…

Onion Chutney



Onion - 2Tomato -2Channa Dhall - 1/2 TeaspoonUrad Dhall - 1/2 TeaspoonDry Red Chilly - 1Garlic - 2 podsOil - 1 TeaspoonSalt - To saltPreparation: Cut the onion into square shape.Cut tomato into two halves.Take a pan,heat oil,put channa dhal,urad dhal,dry red chilly,garlic one by one.Stir till dhal turn into golden brown.Add onion and saute.then add tomato,stir till the tomato smash fully.Keep it aside to cool,after it cools grind with required salt and grind coarsely.Transfer into a bowl and temper half teaspoon of mustard seeds in 1 teaspoon and pour over it.It is good with Idly,Dosa.

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Tri-Color Vegetable Rice

Hi Friends,

Variety Rice,everyone will prepare variety rice atleast one time in a week.I want to present so many variety rice recipes in my blog.So enjoy with this Tri color Vegetable Rice.I used carrot,potato,beans to show you all tricolor vegetable rice.
Post your comments as feedback.

Long Grain Basmathi Rice - 2 CupOnion - 1Tomato - 1Carrot - 1Potato - 1Beans - FewCoriander leaves(Finely Chopped) - 2 teaspoonMint Leaves(Finely Chopped) - 2 TeaspoonGinger-Garlic Paste - 1 TeaspoonChilli Powder/Chicken Masala/Garam Masala - 1 1/2 TeaspoonOil - 2 TablespoonGhee - 1 TeaspoonFor Seasoning:
Cinnamon - 1 stickCloves - 2Cardamom - 1Bay Leaves - 1 Preparation: Soak rice for 10 minutes.

Heat oil and ghee in a pan,put seasoning items to it,after splutters add finely sliced onion and saute till transparency.
Add Vertically cutted Vegetables like carrot,potato,beans and saute till raw smell goes off.
Add tomato and Ginger Garlic Paste and saute.Add Finely Chopped Coriander leaves and Mint…

Chicken Drumstick Masala

Hi Friends,

Traditional Chicken Masala,i did with chicken drumstick,you can also do chicken breast pieces or with normal bone pieces.This is very easy simple recipe.Especially for Bachelor's cooking..Enjoy with this chicken masala.


Chicken Drumstick - 4 or Chicken Pieces - 1/2 KgOnion - 2Tomato - 2Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 TablespoonTurmeric Powder - 1/4 TeaspoonChicken Masala Powder - 1 TablespoonChilli Powder - 1/2 TeaspoonCoriander Leaves(Finely Chopped) - To GarnishLemon Juice - 1/4 TeaspoSalt - As NeededPreparation:

Finely Chop onion and tomato.Marinate chicken with lemon and pinch turmeric powder with little salt for 10  minutes.Heat oil in a pan,Add cinnamom,cloves,After splutters,add finely chopped onion and saute till golden brown.Then add Chicken and saute.Add finely chopped tomato and ginger garlic paste and cook till fully smashed.Add Turmeric Powder,Chilli Powder,Chicken Masala Powder.Stir well till oil get separates.Close it with lid and cook well.Garnish with…

Cucumber Bread Sandwich

Hi Friends,

Bread sandwich,usually we prepare with potato or some veggies.I am impressed with my friend's mom preparation while in my college days.I love that sandwich.......:)While eating i found what are the things inside it somewhat.....Tried it.....tastes same like my friends mom  version.I loved it because of cucumber inside,crunch taste with tomato ketchup and pepper.It really good so hope you all really will enjoy it....
Try it and post your comments as feedback........


White Bread/Brown Bread - 4 SlicesTomato Ketchup - 1/4 CupGreen Chutney - 1/2 Cup(Grind Coriander leaves with salt)Cucumber - 1Pepper powder - 1/2 TeaspoonButterPreparation: Peel off the skin of cucumber and slice it as round.You can use sandwich toaster or tawa to prepare sandwich.Here i did with tawa.Take a bread piece and apply butter one side,place it on tawa and on the other side spread green chutney and place sliced cucumber over it,sprinkle pepper powder.On the other bread piece,apply one side…

Egg Biryani

Hi Friends,

Everyone like Biryani,whether it is veg or non veg!!!!
Mostly biryani prepare with chicken or mutton,Differ from that,I tried Egg Biryani......It is really so good...smells good.....The texture is so good,non sticky rice with flavours fully mingled with rice and egg.Easy to prepare...Non vegetarian biryani takes more time but it is less time than that.Enjoy this week end with Egg Biryani.Try it  out andd send your feedback as comments...


To Saute:

Cumin Seeds - 1/2 TeaspoonSaunf/FennelSeeds - 1/2 TeaspoonMustard Seeds - 1/2 TeaspoonCurry Leaves - fewTo Marinate: Egg - 3(Boiled)Curd - 1/2 CupRed Chilli Powder - 1 TeaspoonCoriander  Powder - 1 TeaspoonGaram Masala - 1 TeaspoonSalt - For egg and masala as requiredCoriander Leaves - 2 Teaspoon(Finely Chopped)Mint Leaves - 2 Teaspoon (Finely Chopped)To Final Preparation: Basmathi Rice - 2 CupsOnion - 1Tomato -1Ginger Garlicc Paste - 2 TeaspoonSalt - As NeededPreparation: Soak rice.Boil eggs.Cook rice.Cut the eggs into halv…

Fried Chicken 1

Hi friends,

I like KFC I like to prepare as like at so I tried this version of fried I like to share this fried chicken to you all in my is looks like KFC chicken,it tastes try this my version fried chicken and post comments as feed back.

Chicken drumsticks - 6Egg - 1Milk - 1/2 cupMaida or all purpose flour - 1 cupChilli powder - 1 teaspoonOregano - 1 teaspoonPepperPowder - 1 teaspoonSalt - As neededBread crumbs - 1/2 cupAjinomoto - 1 tablespoon 

Preparation :

Mix egg and milk together in a bowl.Mix all other ingredients except chicken In a bowl.Take chicken drumsticks,dip into egg mixture and roll it into maida mixture.Now chicken is ready to fry.Heat oil for deep fry, put the chicken into oil which is dipped in egg mixture and rolled in maida mixture.Fry till golden brown in low flame.

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Stuffed Chapathi

Hi Friends,
Chapathi,everyone like this food.But my husband don't like chapathi,I like to have chapathi regularly for dinner.For him i tried this stuffed chapathi with some veggies and egg.He liked this stuffed chapathi and asked me to do again on another day.Also always chapathi need a spicy gravy or kurma or plain dhall!!!.Some times bored to prepare..,On that time i like to do this stuffed chapathi,No need of any side.I eat with little pickle!!!! Try it and feedback your views as comments.......

Ingredients: Wheat flour - 2 CupSalt - As neededWater OilFor Stuffing: Carrot - 1Potato - 1Cauliflower - 2 FloretOnion - 1Green Chilly - 1Egg - 2Chicken Masala or Garam Masala - 1 TeaspoonSalt - As NeededTurmeric Powder - pinchOilPreparation: Prepare chapathi dough with wheat flour and salt.Knead tightly with warm water.keep it aside for one hours.To prepare stuffing,Grate onion,carrot,potato,cauliflower.Take a pan,Heat one tablespoon oil,put grated onion and saute till raw smell goes off.Ad…

Rava Kesari

Hi Friends,

Rava Kesari,a traditional sweet.I prepared this for new year.Easy to prepare at any time.When urgently required to prepare when guest came,you all choose Rava Kesari to impress them.Happy Cooking.............:)Enjoy with this sweet....


Rava - 1 CupGhee - 1/4 CupWater - 2 CupSugar - 1 CupKeasari Color - 2 Pinch(I used Lemon Yellow)Cashewnut - 1 TeaspoonRaisins - 1 TeaspoonCardamom Powder - 1 PinchSalt - 1 PinchPreparation:

Take a pan,Heat one teaspoon of ghee and fry rava in that ghee.The color should not turn.Make the rava warm.Fry Cashewnut and raisin in ghee and keep aside.Take a pan,heat remaining ghee,when heat fully(smoke should not come),pour water and boil.Put sugar and kesari color and stir to make sugar dissolve.When it starts boil add salt and cardamom powder and mix well.Add roasted rava into it and mix well without lumps.Close it with lid and cook for 5 minutes.After 5 minutes take the lid and stir well and garnish with fried cashewnuts and raisins.Ser…

Rose Syrup Pudding

Hi Friends,

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014...........:)
Wish you all more successfully and more more happiness in your life that spread to other.........!!!
So we start this year with a sweet............:)

I don't have much time prepare traditional sweets....So i prepared Rose Syrup Pudding and Rava Kesari......This post gives you Pudding and Rava kesari will be in next post...


Chinagrass - 1 CupRose Syrup - 2 TablespoonMilk - 1/4 CupSugar - 1/2 Cup
Preparation: Soak china grass for 10 minutes in water.Take a Pan,heat soaked china grass and stir well.It will start melt,keep stirring.After fully melts,add sugar,rose syrup and stir well.After Sugar also melts,switch off the stove.Add milk to it and stir well.Filter this liquid.Pour into a flat bowl to set.keep it in refridgerator for few hours.It will set fully.Then cut into slices and serve.Hope you all like,especially kids who like jelly sweets.
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